Educational Quality in the Middle East and North Africa

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About me.

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I am Dr. Clara Morgan, Assistant Professor in Political Science at UAE University. My research interests include educational governance, comparative educational policy, and the global governance of education. I received a one-year research grant (2015-2016) from the Arab Council for the Social Sciences to conduct my research study entitled 'Constructing Educational Quality in the Arab Region'. disseminates my research findings to a wider public and stimulates critical thinking about educational quality.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the individuals who participated in my research study - without you this study would not have been possible.  explores the various ways in which educational quality is being constructed in the Arab region. It looks at regional and national initiatives, policies and practices. It engages researchers, teachers and policy makers to contribute their views and ideas about educational quality in the Arab region while also seeking alternative views and paradigms to educational quality.