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The Arab Regional Agenda for Improving Educational Quality (ARAIEQ) 
Under the auspices of ALECSO with funding from the World Bank, ARAIEQ was conceived at the 2010 Ministerial Colloquium on Quality of Education, which resulted in the Doha Declaration on Quality Education for All.  
ARAIEQ was a three-year project involving 17 countries from the Arab region.  It began in January 2012 and ended in February 2015.  Its aim was to “improve the quality and relevance of education services in the region through regional collaboration” while also functioning as a think-tank, a network of experts, and a resource for tools and knowledge for policy-makers. There were five programs areas under ARAIEQ with each program hosted by a different organization in MENA:

Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO)

Educational Quality in the Middle East and North Africa

  1. The Arab Program for Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis (APEEPA)to  set up a network of institutions and experts equipped to conduct studies and evaluations in the area of student achievement and determinants of learning quality. UNESCO’s regional bureau in Beirut, Lebanon hosted the program.

  2. The Arab Program on Teacher Policies and Teacher Professional Development (APTP): to build and upgrade the regional and national capacities to use data on results and learning outcomes to directly impact the work of schools, principals and teachers. The Queen Rania Teachers Academy (QRTA) in Amman, Jordan hosted this program.

  3. The Arab Program of Curriculum Innovation, Qualifications, and ICTs in Education (APIQIT): to improve the quantity and quality of learning opportunities, opening paths, dismantling bottle necks and making education and training systems more inclusive. This program was hosted by the National Center for Education Technologies (CNTE) in Tunis, Tunisia.

  4. The Arab Program for Early Childhood Development (APECD): to create a clearinghouse for international good practices on national policies, funding arrangements and institutional set-ups of Early Childhood Development programs. The Arab Resource Collective (ARC) in Beirut, Lebanon hosted this program.

  5. The Arab Program on Entrepreneurship for Employment and Innovation (APEEI): to foster and nurture the 21st century skills, attitudes and aptitudes necessary for youth and young adults in the region to secure their place in society either as valued employees or through their increased ability to create opportunities for themselves and others as entrepreneurs in their own right. Injaz El Arab in Amman, Jordan hosted this program.